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Hand-operated turntable produces nearly concentric circles of evenly distributed bacterial colonies. This turntable will accommodate three sizes of Petri dishes - 60, 90, 100mm. Made of polypropylene, it has a recessed stabilizing pad made of nonskid neoprene. The Inoculating Turntable is lightweight yet sturdy. Its size and weight make it effortless to move from one work station to another. Smooth, extended spin times lead to faster completion of inoculations.

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This clear acrylic level surface helps in pouring immunological plates and horizontal agarose gels. Each leg is adjustable, and an inset leveling bulb below the working surface assists in accurate adjustment. The rigid platform is 8 x 8 x 3/8" thick (203 x 203 x 9.5mm).

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Stickers for labeling petri dishes

PetriStickers allow for petri dishes to be labeled quickly, neatly and reliably. Made with water-resistant ink, substrate and adhesives and will remain firmly attached at temperatures from 42° to 4°C. Simply remove the label's protective backing and apply it to the back of a petri dish. After labeling, the dish can be held in a comfortable position for streaking or colony transfer, stored in an incubator or refrigerator, and photographed.

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Diversified Biotech PetriSEALS

PetriSeal stretches and conforms to form a tight seal around the edges of Petri and culture dishes. It resists abrasion and puncture, and blocks vapor loss while reducing the rate of vapor exchange. The seal remains flexible down to “22°F (“30°C) and can withstand continuous exposure from “40°F to 171°F (“40°C to +77°C), with intermittent exposure to 212°F (100°C). Tests have shown that PetriSeal leaves no adhesive residue even after two years. Roll size is 1/2¯ x 108™ (1.3cm x 33m).

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The FTA family of products provides end-users with a proven, established range of effective tools and innovative solutions for the collection, purification and transportation of nucleic acids. FTA is a patented chemical treatment that allows for the rapid isolation of pure DNA. When samples are applied to FTA -treated paper, cell lysis occurs and high molecular weight DNA is immobilized within the matrix. In addition, bacteria and viruses are inactivated, rendering samples nonhazardous. A wide variety of samples can be applied including blood, plasma, bone marrow, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cultured cells, plant material, mouse tail and tissue samples. Biological samples can be collected, transported and stored at room temperature, for over 14 years. Amplification or restriction enzyme digestion can be performed directly on discs of the treated paper without the need for extensive extraction procedures. Two colors are available; white FTA for colored samples such as blood and plant tissues, and indicating FTA (which changes from pink to white where the sample is applied) for colorless samples, such as bacteria. DNA remains immobilized on the cards while inhibitors and contaminants are washed away. Amplification is performed directly on washed discs punched from the FTA-treated paper.

A variety of FTA cards are available. TheFTA Classic card is a card measuring 3 x 3" (76 x 76mm), with four sample areas (each for up to 125µL of sample), designed for the collection and transportation of up to 500µL of whole blood or 100µL of plant homogenate. TheFTA Mini card has two sample areas, and theFTA Micro card has one sample area. The Micro FTA cards are available indicating (pink to white) or non-indicating white. TheFTA Gene card is designed for automated systems (when used with the Gene card tray), with three sample areas (each for up to 75µL) mounted in a chipboard frame. The Gene card tray holds two Gene cards. The plant-friendlyPlantSaver Card features a laminated flap that allows you to grind the plant sample into the FTA matrix without damaging the FTA Card. The PlantSaver comes in a classic card format.

Also available, designed in a 96-well format for high throughput applications, is theCloneSaver card, which allows the capture of BAC or plasmid DNA for long-term storage and downstream applications in one easy step. Utilizing the same technology as the FTA cards, researchers can store up to 96 samples of DNA at room temperature for years, on one card. Ongoing studies demonstrate that plasmid DNA stored on CloneSaver cards is stable at room temperature for at least four years, and counting. CloneSaver cards offer a convenient and accessible format for frequently used plasmid and BAC clones, and also provide a secure, reliable backup to glycerol stocks.

To use, simply apply 5µL bacterial culture, re-suspended colony, or glycerol stock to a CloneSaver card. The plasmid or BAC DNA is captured and stabilized for long-term storage or immediate processing. DNA can easily be eluted from the CloneSaver card, or a washed disc can be used directly in downstream applications. Regardless of the form, plasmid or BAC DNA can be used in both transformation and PCR protocols. Plasmid DNA immobilized on a CloneSaver punched disc, or just a few microliters of eluted product, can be used to transform bacteria, either by electroporation or heat-shock methods, or it can be used as a template for PCR. Since plasmid DNA remains bound to the matrix when a CloneSaver is used directly as a template, a single disc can be re-used up to three times. A simple rinse with deionized water makes a "used" CloneSaver disc suitable for subsequent reactions. Plasmid DNA stored and processed on CloneSaver is also suitable for isothermal amplification reactions. Purified plasmid, either on the disc or in eluted form, can be used in rolling circle amplification methods which generate enough plasmid for applica

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This is useful for on the spot inspections in forensics, biology, printing, textile, art, jewelry and microelectronics. It can also serve as an inexpensive and simple-to-use microscope for science education and other labs. This powerful 50X optical instrument clips to a shirt pocket and is easy to carry anywhere. Weighs only 0.7oz (20g). The dimensions: 5-1/8 long x 1/2" diameter (130 x 13mm).

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Use these Sterile Cloning Discs to save time and reduce effort when isolating a large number of clones. The sterile paper discs transfer cells quickly and easily to a 24-well plate for growth. These eliminate leak problems associated with cloning cylinders. Because cells are exposed only a fraction of the time it would take to apply a cloning cylinder, the risk of contamination and drying out is reduced. Packed 2 vials of 50 cloning discs, which have been sterilized by gamma radiation.

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StainTray Slide Staining System & Lids

Another user friendly approach to immunohisto-chemistry staining. This tray is also suitable not only for routine staining requiring a humid chamber but is also ideal for Hematology, Cytology and Microbiology laboratories. Manipulation is made safe and easy by using only one hand.

The StainTrayTM has a black base made of tough ABS plastic withstanding a wide range of chemicals ( Avoid chlorinated hydrocarbons ). It will accept up to 20 slides on four plastic rails covered with a polymer strip to perfectly hold slides even if tray is held at an angle. When humidity is needed, wells between rails will hold up to one ml of water securely without splashing. Middle wells will hold up to 2 ml each. Rails are raised not only to avoid water touching the slides but to make them more easily retrieveable. The base will also hold excess stain solution dripping from the slides. Four rubber feet ensure greater base stability. Units are stackable for space saving purposes.

Two covers are available: 1) A clear one allowing for visual examination. Made of PETG with a temperature range of -20 °C to +60 °C. 2) A black lid for fluorescent work. Made of ABS with a temperature range of -80 °C to +80 °C

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EZ Container System Sachets are used to generate anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2 enriched environments. They activate immediately when the outer foil packaging is opened without the need for water or a catalyst.CO2 Generators are for use with enclosures up to 340cc. Individually packaged. DisposableGenerator Envelopes are used for the production of either CO2-enriched aerobic atmospheres (CO2 Generator Envelope) or anaerobic atmospheres enriched with CO2 (H2/CO2 Generator Envelope). TheGenerator Envelope Plus includes an integral Palladium Catalyst. It is used for the production of an anaerobic atmosphere enriched with CO2 and an fresh catalyst. TheCampyPak is intended for a reduced oxygen (microaerophilic) atmosphere enriched with CO2. TheCampyPak Plus includes an integral Palladium Catalyst. TheGasPak Plus Envelope Bulk Kit includes 100, H2/CO2 Generator Plus Envelopes and 100 Dry Anaerobic Indicators.

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GasPak® Pouch Sealing Bars provide an effective seal for pouches without the need of an electric heat-sealing device. The GasPak® EZ Container Systems produces anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2-enriched environments in resealable pouches with waterless, catalyst-free convenience. TheEZ Anaerobe Pouch System generates an anaerobic environment. Includes anaerobic indicators and pouches. TheEZ CO2 Pouch System generates a CO2-enriched environment. TheEZ CampyPouch System generates a CO2-enriched, microaerophilic environment.

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Simply place an inoculated Petri dish or strip into an appropriate Bio-Bag® pouch, add an anaerobic indicator (Type A systems only) and generator ampules. Heat-seal the pouch (heat-sealer not incuded), then crush the ampules to release the solution. No water is required, and the transparent pouches allow observation without disturbing the environment.Type A: For isolation of anaerobic bacteria. Holds one 100 x 15mm Petri dish or MIC microdilution plate. Anaerobic indicator turns from pink to clear when anaerobiosis has been achieved. Conditions maintained for 96 hours. Includes 25 anaerobic generators, 25 anaerobic indicators, 25 palladium catalyst containers and 25 Type A environmental chambers. Also available with 100 each of all contents.Type A Multi-Plate: Like other Type A pouches, creates anaerobic environments. One pouch will hold three 100 x 15mm multi-plate dishes or two API ID strips. Includes 50 anaerobic generators, 50 anaerobic indicators, 100 palladium catalyst containers and 50 Type A Multi-Plate environmental chambers.Type C: Generates a CO2-enriched aerobic environment. Holds one 100 x 15mm Petri dish or MIC plate. Maintains environment for 48 hours. Includes 50 CO2 gas generators and 50 Type C environmental chambers.Type Cfj: Creates a microaerophilic environment for the growth and isolation of Campylobacter jejuni. Holds one or two 100 x 15mm Petri dishes or MIC plates. Includes 25 microaerophilic generators and 25 Type Cfj environmental chambers. Also available with 100 each of all contents.

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Accessories for the GasPak® Jar Systems for generating anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2-enriched atmospheres for the growth, culture and identification of bacteria. TheGasPak® 100 Holding Jar is ideal for storing prepared plated media prior to inoculation. Holds inoculated media in anaerobic environment until ready for regular GasPak® 100 jar. Stores twelve 100 x 15mm Petri dishes. TheGasPak® 100 Rack for the GasPak® 100 jar, holds up to twelve 100mm-style Petri dishes. Made of stainless steel; autoclavable.

EZ Container System Sachets are activated immediately upon opening the outer foil packaging without water or catalyst.EZ Campy Container System Sachets create a microaerophilic environment.EZ Anaerobe Container System Sachets create an anaerobic environment.Disposable Anaerobic Indicator Strips are pads individually packaged in foil envelopes. Each pad is saturated with methylene blue solution and turns from blue to colorless in the absence of oxygen, confirming anaerobic conditions.Catalyst Replacement Charges use fresh palladium catalyst for optimum results.

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The GasPak® 150 Jar System is a complete kit that includes all the components needed to produce anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2-enriched aerobic atmospheres for the growth, culture and identification of bacteria. Only the gas generator envelopes must be purchased separately.

This kit includes a Holding Jar, a nonvented lid with O-ring gasket, clamp with thumbscrew assembly, three catalyst reaction chambers, ten catalyst charges, stainless steel autoclavable Petri dish rack with clips, and culture tube holder. The polycarbonate jar is 10.5¯ O.D. x 11¯H (27 x 28cm), and holds thirty-six 100 x 15mm Petri dishes, twelve 150 x 15mm Petri dishes, or 13 culture tubes.

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These convenient Microscope Slide Labels are pressure-sensitive, with a permanent adhesive that holds labels in place during use and during long-term storage. Labels have round corners, are of standard thickness, and measure 15/16 x 15/16¯ (23.8 x 23.8mm).

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High-quality, low lint white paper is highly absorbent. Ideal for drying small parts and components, and especially for drying slides in biological, pathological and bacteriological laboratories.

Sheets measure 6 x 4¯ (15 x 10cm) and come neatly bound with heavy paper covers, 50 sheets per book, 12 books per pack.

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The Stainless Steel Microscope Slide Dispenser is a durable and convenient place to store microscope slides. It holds up to 54 standard 3 x 1¯ (76 x 26mm) slides, and adjusts to fit slides of varying thickness. A sponge rubber cushion on the base prevents the dispenser from both slipping and scratching the benchtop surface. Compact unit measures 3W x 5L x 4¯H (7.6 x 12.7 x 10.2cm).

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Perfect for exacting work in histology, cytology, urinanalysis, and microbiology. Sold individually, or 10 per case. 1 oz per pack.

Available in two thicknesses:
Type #1: 0.13“ 0.15mm
Type #1.5: 0.16“0.19mm.

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Provide an efficient, heat-free fiber optic light source for microscopes and other heat-sensitive applications with Fiber Optic Lighting. Precise positioning for any lighting application can be achieved with the fiber optic annular ring light and single and bifurcated gooseneck light guides available with these units.

L150 Fiber Optic Light Source can output 180 watts of high-intensity, low-heat light for applications where extreme light is required. A rheostatic dial on the front provides smooth intensity control, from low to high. The red zone on the dial indicates when bulb life is being sacrificed for intensity. A separate ON/OFF switch allows a light setting to be maintained when the unit is shut off. Fuseless electrical and thermal protection is included. In the event of an electrical or thermal overload, power is reset with the simple push of a button. Low-profile design uses very little space, and units can be stacked when multiple light sources are required. 150W Halogen lamp, 110V. Dimensions: 8.3L x 7.3W x 3.5¯H (210 x 185 x 90mm). Weight: 8.1 lb. (3.7kg).

L20 Fiber Optic Light Source provides 20 watts of fiber optic illumination, allowing topographical viewing of samples that cannot be transilluminated. When vibration or noise is a consideration, this unit™s heavy-duty, all-metal, convection-cooled design is ideal. 20W 2000-hour Halogen bulb, 110V. Dimensions: 1.9L x 6.1W x 1.9¯H (65 x 155 x 65mm). Weight: 2.6 lb. (1.2kg).

# R19-502

The CoolCube™ is designed to store samples safely on the lab bench without sample degradation due to temperature increase or fluctuation. Simply place the CoolCube in a freezer overnight and it’s ready for use, keeping samples cold, but not frozen maintaining temperature at approximately 0° C for up to four hours.

  • Two Sided
  • Accommodates - 1.5 & 2.0 mL Microtubes, 0.2 mL PCR Tubes & Strips & 96 Well PCR Plates
  • Dimensions - 5.6" x 5.6" x 2.5"
  • Weight - 2lbs
  • Warranty - 2 Years
  • Sold Individually

# M58-103

Heating Element for BactiZapper

# M58-101

Loop Holder Attachment for BactiZapper

# M58-100

BactiZapper Infrared microsterilizer

# M35-048

Pen Holder

# M35-040

Glascribe Pen