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Type 1 borosilicate screw-thread vials offer superior heat and chemical resistance. Attached PTFE-lined thermoset caps resist attack from virtually all chemicals.

Sold 144 per case.

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This general-purpose Sample Vial is constructed from low-density polyethylene and has a friction-fit hinged lid. The lightweight vial has a thickness of 1mm and is able to withstand temperatures up to 176F (80C). Several sizes available. 100 per case.

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The Polystyrene Container is ideal for storing powders, tablets and other dry materials. The rigid-wall container features a tight-fitting polyethylene snap-on cap. Withstands temperatures up to 158F (70C).

# 25-83010-PD-BPW

  • 4"
  • Sterile
  • 10 mL
  • For environmental surface sampling
  • Easy edge-peel packaging
  • Quick-turn leak-resistant cap
  • High-quality Puritan polyester tipped swab
  • Swab is securely attached to cap
  • Pre-filled with 10ml Buffered Peptone Water
  • Shelf life - 18 months
  • Made in USA

# V71-232


# V71-212


# V71-204

Vials, 12x32mm, Crimp Top, Amber w/ Writ ing Patch, 100/tray, 1000/cs

# V71-203

Vials, 12 x 32mm, Crimp Top, Amber, 100/ tray, 1000/cs

# V71-202

Vials, 12x32mm, Crimp Top, Clear w/ Writ ing Patch, 100/tray, 1000/cs

# V71-201

Vials, 12 x 32mm, Crimp Top, Clear, 100/ tray, 1000/cs

# V40-505


# V77-240

EPA 40ml Vial, Clear, 72/cs

# V77-234

Vials, Precleaned, 40ml, Amber Glass, w/ Dust Cover and Foam Pkg. 72/cs

# C40-305

Vials Sample Clear 3/4oz 23X85mm w/Teflo n Lined Closures 144/cs

# C40-304

Vials Sample Clear 3/8oz 19X65mm w/Teflo n Lined Closures 144/cs

# C40-125

Clear Autosampler Vials without Closures

# B38-030

Vial Snap Cap Polystyrene 30 Dram 72/cs

# B38-020

Vial Snap Cap Polystyrene 20 Dram 144/cs

# B38-015

Vial Snap Cap Polystyrene 15 dram 144/cs

# B38-013

Vial Snap Cap Polystyrene 13 dram 144/cs

# B38-007

Vial Snap Cap Polystyrene 7 Dram 144/cs

# B38-005

Vial Snap Cap Polystyrene 5 Dram 144/cs