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  • CELLTREAT Freeze Cryogenic Vials are designed for storing biological material at temperatures as low as -196°C, in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen
  • Available in round bottom or self standing options
  • CELLTREAT product descriptions are based on the highest graduation mark on the vial. Other brands may name vials based on actual liquid capacity
  • Internal thread cap prevents contamination and uses O-ring silicone seal to ensure positive seal at any temperature
  • Large white marking area for writing also provides backdrop to enhance black graduations
  • 100/Case

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These multipurpose vials serve a broad spectrum of biotech needs including collection, processing, centrifugation and long-term storage. Caps feature 3mm syringe port which is easily pierced. Two-turn closure design eliminates distortion and makes a complete 360° seal. Molded volume lines. Withstands -247°F to 250°F (-155°C to 121°C), and reinforced support collar and thick wall withstands 17, 000 x g.

Choose from Natural Cryovials® or a Rainbow Pack (includes an assortment of 10 colored caps), Sterile or Nonsterile (bulk), Free Standing or Conical, and three different sizes.

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Sterilized Nunc CryoTube® Vials are specifically designed for the cryogenic storage of cell or microbiological cultures, sperm, blood and serum specimens. The 12.5mm-diameter polypropylene vials are available with internal or external thread-top closures for easy fastening of screw caps or screw stoppers.

The internal thread includes a silicone gasket for an outstanding seal, while the external thread is recommended for use with mechanical freezers and the gas phase of liquid nitrogen. There is a frosted writing area for easy labeling. Tubes with a starfoot base design lock into grooves on CryoTube® Racks.

(Warning: Vials should not be used in liquid phase of nitrogen when not correctly sealed in polyethyleneCryoFlex Tubing®. Improper use may lead to pressure buildup and possible explosion).

Several accessories further enhance the effectiveness of CryoTube® Vials. An aluminumStorage Cane® holds several vials simultaneously and is easily labeled with coloredCane Coders®. TheCryoColor Coders® are the polystyrene caps used for vial filing systems.

# V33-310

  • Volume Capacity: 2.0mL
  • Outer Dimension: 12.5 x 50mm
  • Temperature Range: -196 ~ 121 C
  • Caps and Vials are molded from Medical Grade Polypropylene ensuring the optimum seal to prevent leakage
  • The Internal Thread Screw Cap design & O-ring reduces contamination probability during sample treatment
  • Sterile (Gamma Radiation) and free of endotoxin RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and pyrogens
  • Rounded internal bottom of vial promotes complete pour out
  • Crystal Clear Transparent vial for easy observation
  • Large white writing area allows easy marking
  • Manufactured in a Cleanroom environment
  • Designed for freezing samples in any application

# K19-212


# K19-176


# K19-174