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  • Type - Inert, TPE Molded O-Ring with Rubber Grips
  • Colors - Natural, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet & White
  • Material - Ultra-Pure Polypropylene
  • Easy Labeling Surface
  • Sold as 5,000/Case

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Raised numbers on the top clearly identify the stopper size. Constructed of durable and resilient natural rubber. Autoclavable. Call [phone] for exact stopper dimensions.

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These cylindrical, stainless steel closures will reduce the amount of specimen evaporation to about half that of cotton plugs. Ideal for microbiology and other related applications, these non-contaminating closures may be autoclaved repeatedly without losing resilience. The top surface has indentations that permit adequate exchange of gasses under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, yet prevent microorganisms and dust from collecting at the top. Closures are noncorrosive and come with or without three resilient fingers¯ that allow the closure to be adjusted to nominal variations in the outside diameter of the culture tube it is being fitted to. Available lanced or plain, in several sizes.

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KIM-KAP Polypropylene Closures

KIM-KAP® polypropylene closures for culture tubes.

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Replace makeshift cotton plugs with easy-to-use foam Identi-Plugs®. They are reuseable, economical, and spring back to shape easily. Writable surface for quick identification. Autoclavable.

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Flange Plug Caps

These caps have two flexible flanges to ensure a leakproof seal. They will fit into test tubes and also in round cuvettes and centrifuge tubes.

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# V71-404

PTFE-Faced Red Rubber Septa

# B62-200PNK

GL 45 Polypropylene Color Coded Screw Thread Caps

Caps are designed to fit GL 45 threaded ware.

# T88-701

Uniflex Safety Caps, 16mm, blue 1000/pk

# T82-144-A

Culture tube closure, Morton, stainless steel, lanced, 38mm dia, 36/pk

# T15-129

White Polyethylene Snap-Cap

Designed for use with items which have necks specially tooled to proper diameters and contours.

# T15-128

Closed Top Linerless Polypropylene Screw Thread Caps

# T15-127

Caps for EPA Water Analysis Vials

# T15-126

Black Phenolic Caps with Cemented-In Rubber Liners

# T15-125

Black Phenolic Caps with PTFE-Faced Rubber Liners

# T15-124

Black Phenolic Caps with PTFE-Faced Rubber Liners

# T15-123

Black Phenolic Caps with Cemented-In Rubber Liners

# T15-122

Black Phenolic Caps with Cemented-In Rubber Liners

# T82-107

  • Type - Flange 
  • Size - 16 mm
  • Colors - Natural
  • Sold as 1,000/Pack

# 8077Y

Caps, 9mm, Yellow, 1000/CS