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With the polypropylene rack, 24 microcentrifuge tubes can be conveniently placed in a water bath. The tubes are held securely in the rack but release easily when the rack is placed on a benchtop. Measures 4-11/16L x 3-1/16W (119 x 78mm).

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Ideal for a small number of tubes, its the perfect rack for microbiology
and immunology labs. Fill the racks from the top and retrieve tubes
easily by pressing the rack down on a bench until the short legs touch. Fits either 1.5mL or 0.5mL tubes. Models with a hold-down pressure cap are designed specifically for incubation applications using 1.5mL tubes. The hold-down disk keeps continuous pressure on the tube caps and prevents them from opening due to internal air expansion. The rack floats and remains immersed at a constant level regardless of water level. Both Round Floating Bubble Rack styles are made of buoyant foam-filled TPX (polymethylpentene) and are steam autoclavable at 250F (121C).

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The durable, molded polypropylene Floater Microtube Rack has 24 large holes to fit 1.5/2.0mL tubes and 14 smaller holes which accommodate 0.5mL tubes. It has molded-in buoys for exceptional stability in water baths. An open bottom allows ice to gather around each tube when being used in an ice bath. The Floater comes in a unique storage box complete with a dual-function lid which both opens on a hinge or lifts off. This container can be filled with ice and used as a convenient, self-contained ice bath. Autoclavable.

# L60-496

4-Way Floating Rack, assorted 5/pk,

# L60-494

Floating Rack, 50ml, 5/pk,

# L60-492

Floating Rack, 15ml, 5/pk,