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80 Place Storage Racks:

  • Colors – Clear, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow, Assorted, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow & Fluorescent Assorted
  • Dimensions - 226 x 67 x 28 mm
  • Style – Fraction Collector Plate
  • Layout (Rows x Columns) - 5 x 16
  • Max Tube Size – 2.0 mL, 11 x 26 mm
  • Fraction Collector Plate Style
  • Sold as 5/Pack

80-Place Storage Boxes:

  • Colors - Clear, Green, Orange & Violet
  • Style - Fraction Collector Plate
  • Container Dimensions: 236 × 85 × 52 mm
  • Sold as 5/Pack

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Rugged Ice Pans and Buckets are constructed from durable one-piece expanded PVC. The lightweight, chemical-resistant material is ideal for a wide range of general cooling needs. Ideal for use with ice, dry ice, ice-alcohol slurry and liquid nitrogen. Resistant to temperatures from -321F (-196C) to 200F (93C).

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Accomodates all 1.5mL and 2.0mL microtubes and standard 2.0mL cryovials. Designed with raised edges for secure, nonslip stacking. The lid opens and locks easily. Other features include: an attached lid that will not get lost, an alphanumeric matrix, and a frosted writing panel on the front. Available in an all-black version for use with light sensitive specimens.

  • Colors - Natural or Assorted
  • 50 or 100 Places 
  • Sold by the Case

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A durable, stackable alternative to cardboardin natural or assorted colors. Bold printed alphanumeric matrix for quick sample identification. Autoclavable. 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 x 1-3/4. Five per pack.

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Specifically designed for safe storage, and angled for easy viewing of contents. The back of this clear acrylic 100-place box slides open for easy insertion of gel ice packs. 10-5/8 x 8-5/8 x 3-1/2.

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The Styrofoam Box is alphanumerically labeled for the quick and easy indexing of microtubes. A snug-fitting lid ensures the security of the box contents. A fingergrip feature makes the box easy to open. Constructed of recyclable Styrofoam. Measures 13 x 3-3/4 x 2-1/2 .

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This handy autoclavable rack can hold up to 50 cryogenic vials. Now with one hand, you can easily unscrew a Simport® Cryovial® closure. Thanks to an innovative universal locking system, the vials will securely lock in each well and will not turn. Each position is identified with an alphanumeric index. Strong handles make it easy and safe to carry. It is supported by anti-skid rubber feet. The rack is compact and stackable.

  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Colors - Blue, Red & Lilac
  • Sold as 4/Case

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Color your world with a wide variety of Cryostore Storage Boxes. Made of extra strong polycarbonate, these durable cryogenic storage boxes are designed to be used at temperatures between -196 °C and +121 °C and are autoclavable at 120 °C, 15 psig (1 bar) for 20 minutes.

A transparent cover allows the user to see the contents of the box, and is keyed to the base to prevent misalignment. Printed with a series of squares (numbered from 1 to 25, 1 to 42, 1 to 81, or 1 to 100), surface accepts writing with markers, facilitating inventory control.

A unique color coding system uses colored plastic grids to separate the cover from the base on the 25, 42 and 81-place boxes. Those made to accept 100 tubes (series 2100) have a colored base instead of a grid. Removal of vials facilitated by an innovative vial picker supplied with each storage box (not available with box T314-542). A choice of four popular pastel colors is available. Autoclavable.

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