LabSource offers a selection of robust cooling racks, coolers, and cool boxes for microcentrifuge tubes as well as for storage of other lab supplies including thermal cycler tubes, strips, and plates. Manufactured by top brands like Bel-Art Products,

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The Nunc Amplification Bench-Top Cooler keeps samples at freezer temperature after they are removed from the freezer. It maintains a temperature between -4F and 5F (-20C and -15C) for up to two hours, and holds thermal cycler tubes, strips and plates. The cooler also provides an added level of protection for samples being stored in a freezer in the event of power loss or temperature fluctuation. Constructed of a polycarbonate base with a nontoxic gel and expanded polystyrene beads.

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New Ice Reusable Ice Cubes

Replace messy conventional ice cubes. New Ice ice cubes are actually small pouches made from FDA-approved high-purity polyethylene film, filled with about 20mL of laboratory-certified pure water. The pouches are frozen and used as ice cubes, but unlike conventional ice cubes, New Ice wont dilute the liquid they are chilling. Ideal for keeping samples cold, New Ice pouches are durable, washable and reusable. Simply refreeze them and use over and over. Approximately 50 pouches per pack.

# R19-251

Cryo-Safe Mini Cooler -20C 12 Tube 15.1x10.8x12cm, 1.5LB

# R19-250

Cryo-Safe Cold Box

# L60-432

CoolSafe Triple Density Polystyrene Box , Each

# L60-426

CoolSafe, 1.5 Cryogenic tubes (full kit) , Kit

# L60-420

CoolSafe for 0.2ml tubes (full kit), Kit

# L60-419

CoolSafe Microplate chamber

# L60-416

Coolsafe Cooling Chamber, 0.5ml tubes

# L60-414

Coolsafe Cooling Chamber, 1.5ml Cryogeni c tubes, Each

# L60-410

Coolsafe Cooling Chamber, 0.5ml tubes, E ach

# L60-408

Coolsafe Cooling Chamber, .2ml tubes, Ea

# L60-406

Coolsafe Cool Brick

# CHAM3000

Individual CoolSafe Components

Each Cooling Chamber is a solid aluminum block that surrounds inserted tubes to guarantee sustained hot or cold temperatures.