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Reusable, durable borosilicate glass calibrated to deliver¯. Sharp, permanent markings. Color-coded for easy identification (color is etched to the glass and won™t flake off). Meets ASTM E-969 Style 1 specifications.

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Kimble Chase Volumetric Pipets

Glass Volumetric Pipets are color coded (in compliance with ASTM Specification E1273), which eases the identification and sorting process. Pipet sizes 1mL and larger also feature large numerals on the bulb which indicate capacity. The durable Safe-Gard® tempered tip resists breaking. Serialized pipets meet high standards for accuracy, glass quality, calibration line and appearance. They feature a permanently marked individual serial number and are supplied with a Certificate of Graduation Accuracy. Both serialized and unserialized pipets are designed from ASTM Specification E969, Class A requirements.