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Unique valve system designed for better airflow gives you single-lever control for easy one-handed operation. Simple, relaxed control for expert or novice user. Lever allows variable filling and delivery speeds; blow-out function provides complete dispensing. Outstanding accuracy whether pipetting small or large volumes. Unit adapts to pipettes from 0.1“100mL. Use with glass or plastic, serological or volumetric pipettes.

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Pipette Pump III Pipettors are ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of injury that repetitive and awkward pipetting motions can cause, thus enhancing comfort, utility and dispensing precision. The pipette is inserted at an optimum angle with placement in front of the hand. This allows the arm to stay in a lower, more natural position, unlike the uncomfortable elevated position many other pipettors require. Lightweight design allows one-handed operation, with minimal strain on the hand and wrist.

Since the compact Pipette Pump III adds only 6¯ (152mm) to the length of a pipette, it™s ideal for use in fume hoods and controlled environment glove boxes. The entire contents of the pipette can be dispensed quickly by pulling the fast-release trigger. A thumb wheel, optimally located to allow a relaxed grip, rotates easily for highly precise aspirating or dispensing, down to a volume of one drop at a time. You can also use the thumb wheel to blow out the pipette. The silicone chuck has a self-stabilizing collar that holds both glass and plastic pipettes securely. Pipette Pump III Pipettors are color-coded by pipette volume they™ll accept (2, 10 and 25mL), resistant to acids, alkalies and most solvents, and can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

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The Pipette Pump II delivers fast and efficient one-handed pipetting with glass or plastic pipettes. Light finger pressure easily inserts pipette into flexible thermoplastic rubber chuck. Stabilizing fingers hold pipette securely. Rotate the knurled thumb wheel to draw liquid to the desired volume. For gradual dispensing, rotate the thumb wheel. Light pressure to the fast release lever empties the pipette rapidly. Color-coded for size. Pipettes not included.

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An easily removable filler designed for one-handed operation. Three stainless steel valves control the evacuation of air, liquid uptake, and liquid dispensing. Liquids are held securely in the pipette until transfer. Made of flexible, chemically resistant latex or long-lasting, chemically resistant silicone.

Sold individually.

# P6950

ProPette REACH™ brings a new level of user comfort to pipetting with serological pipettes. Its extended neck does all the reaching while the user’s elbow rests on the benchtop or hood surface. ProPette REACH™ eliminates the discomfort and fatigue normally associated with aspirating and dispensing under a hood. It dramatically reduces the amount of arm lift required to aspirate and dispense in bottles, flasks and dishes. This takes pressure off of the shoulder, elbow and wrist while minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. ProPette REACH™ also includes the patented QuickStand™, which defaults to a neutral and out-of-the-way position, but can be folded back to support the pipette at an ideal angle, acting as a virtual “pause button” during research.

  • Extended Neck for Ergonomics
  • Perfect for Use Under the Hood
  • Allows User to Rest Elbow on Bench
  • QuickStand™ Retractable Kickstand
  • 8-hour Rechargeable Battery Life
  • Pressure-Sensitive Speed Control
  • Sold Individually

# 1367831E-CS

PIPET N-ST 1X1/1ML 1000/CS

# P53-280

Replacement Filters, Sterile, for Pipetb oy Pipetting Aid, 10/pk

# P53-279

Filters, Non-Sterile, for Pipetboy, 10/pk

# P53-251

Transpette Pipettor, Sterile

# P53-232-A

Ergopet Memory Pipettor redesign of P53-232

# P53-058

Rubber bulb, amber latex, 2 ml, 12/pk

# P53-053

Safety pipet filler,3/pk