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The Accupet Evo offers high accuracy and precision with a magnetically assisted piston to know exactly where the first stop is. The distinct advantage of having a magnetically assisted piston is that it provides consistent results in the lab.  The Accupet Evo has a corrosion resistant tip ejector to ensure the pipette will last in the lab. The tip ejector also has a unique shock absorbing mechanism for a highly durable pipette. The tip cone is made out of highly durable PVDF tip cones. The volume lock prevents any accidental volume drift in the adjustable volume pipette. This pipette is fully autoclavable and has universal tip compatibility.

  • Volumes: 0.1-2.5 µL through 1000-10,000 µL
  • Volume lock setting to prevent accidental volume drifts
  • Made using highly durable material for corrosion and physical shock resistance
  • Highly durable PVDF tip cones
  • Corrosion resistant tip ejector with a unique shock absorbing mechanism
  • Universal tip compatibility
  • Magnetically assisted piston for precise consistent results
  • Innovative spring and seal design for one of the lowest plunger forces for a fatigue free experience

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The MTC Bio® Halo™ Adjustable Volume Pipettors take a modern approach to classic liquid handling.  As one of the lightest pipettors ever introduced, Halo Pipettors dramatically reduce the risk of repetitive stress injury and general shoulder, arm and hand fatigue associated with repeated daily pipetting.  Reduced actuation forces and an ergonomics-first design make Halo Pipettors feel balanced and natural in hands of any size.

  • Volumes: 0.2-2µL – 1-10mL
  • DriftGuard™ Technology – The click-based volume adjustment wheel designed to prevent volume drift
  • One of the lightest adjustable pipettors ever made
  • Up to 40% lighter, Halo pipettors reduce arm, wrist and shoulder fatigue
  • Equipped with a user enabled calibration port and adjustment key allowing user to perform in-lab calibrations quickly and accurately
  • Universal tip fit – compatible with all major brands
  • Exclusive 1250 µL size – unlock 25% more capacity for XL tips
  • Color coded tops for easy identification

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Ovation® pipettes have a unique and patented ergonomic design. They are the only pipettes that fully address the issues of posture, repetition, and force to significantly reduce strain and pain that occur from pipetting, while always providing superior accuracy and precision.

  • Mechanical 2-stroke (overblow) low-force plunger operation
  • Mechanical precise ‘click stop’ volume adjustment
  • Autoclavable for easy sterilization
  • Built-in microtube cap opener
  • Shelf hanger included with each pipette
  • (Multi-pipette sets available)

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Ovation® pipettes have a unique and patented ergonomic design. They are the only pipettes that fully address the issues of posture, repetition, and force to significantly reduce strain and pain that occur from pipetting, while always providing superior accuracy and precision.

  • 8-channel (E8) and 12-channel (E12)
  • Fully electronic operation
  • 3 custom programmable volume pre-sets
  • Programmable functions for:
    • multi-dispensing
    • serial dilutions
    • mixing
    • reverse pipetting
    • pipetting speed
  • Power supply included
  • Shelf hanger included

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The Diamond® APEX™ series of pipettors are quite simply one of the best lines of pipettors available today. The magnetic assisted piston ensures the best consistency with each plunger motion to the first and second stops for aspiration, dispense and touch off. A new spring and seal design allows for one of the lowest plunger force requirements to help reduce fatigue. An innovative silicone shock absorber in the tip ejection mechanism further assists in reducing fatigue, and the corrosion-resistant alloy used in the tip ejector mechanism greatly enhances durability. PVDF tip cone material aids in durability against corrosion and shock. Diamond® APEX™ pipettors are calibrated in an ISO17025 accredited facility and come standard with a 3-year warranty.

  • Volumes - 0.5 - 10 uL, 2 - 20 uL, 20 - 200 uL and 100 - 1,000 uL
  • Plunger Colors - Red, Lavender and Orange
  • Tip Groups - A, B and C
  • Fully autoclavable and UV resistant
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Color coded plungers for easy volume identification
  • Virtually fatigue-free pipetting with low plunger force
  • Magnet assisted piston for extremely high accuracy & consistency
  • Ergonomic design and light weight
  • Precise volume adjustment
  • Adjustable volume pipettors feature locking mechanism to prevent accidental volume changes

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BioPette Plus Autoclavable Pipettes

Exceptional Comfort and Easy Operation

These precision autoclavable pipettes are designed with a finger hook for exceptional comfort and easy single-hand operation. Lightweight and well balanced, the BioPette Plus single channel pipettes fit comfortably in either the right or left hand and offer very low plunger forces. Chemically resistant, maintenance-free seals and finely polished pistons provide unsurpassed accuracy sample after sample.

The continuously adjustable, digital micrometer is slightly recessed with a volume lock to prevent unintentional change while pipetting. For convenience, volume can also be adjusted by turning the push-button.

Fully Autoclavable Manual Pipettes

Ergonomically positioned, the tip ejector reduces fatigue during prolonged use. BioPette Plus pipettes have a universal shaft that will accept most pipette tips. The stainless steel tip ejector is adjustable to accommodate various styles of tips and removable for pipetting into narrow tubes. The BioPette Plus pipettes are fully autoclavable. Eight models cover the volume range from 0.1 弮l to 10,000 弮l. A calibration tool is included with each unit for easy in-lab recalibration. Pipettes are individually tested and supplied with a certificate of quality.

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Ranging from 0.5無 to 5mL, the Biohit mLine adjustable and fixed volume pipettor delivers the full benefits of ergonomic design as well as pinpoint precision and accuracy. Pipettors larger than 10無 are equipped with a changeable protective filter to prevent liquids and aerosols from entering the pipettor. Each pipettor comes with five extra filters plus a filter replacement. Autoclavable at 250蚌 (121蚓) for 20 minutes. Complete with a three-year manufacturers warranty.

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Ovation® BioNatural Pipettes are ergonomically designed. They are shaped to conform effortlessly to the user™s palm, so pipetting can be performed with a natural posture and minimal muscular movement, greatly reducing hand fatigue during prolonged usage. Six variable-volume models cover a total volume range from 0.2µL to 1, 000µL. Ovation® BioNatural Pipettes are color-coded by volume for quick identification.

  • Mechanical 2-stroke (with overblow) low-force plunger operation
  • Digital keypad volume adjustment
  • 5 Custom programmable volume pre-sets
  • Built-in microtube cap opener
  • Shelf hanger included with each pipette
  • Replaceable CR2 battery powered
  • (Multi-pipette sets available)

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The BRAND Transferpettor is the answer to problematic mediait can handle the most demanding operations, even viscous, foaming, or high vapor pressure liquids. Positive displacement design means the piston is in direct contact with the pipetted liquid, and wipes the walls of the tips completely clean for excellent reproducibility. Polypropylene tips are autoclavable and available 10 per pack.

# 1367831D-CS

PIPET N-ST 5/10X1/100ML 500/CS

# P60-608

Prohelix 1-10 mL Adjustable Volume Pipet tor

# P60-607

Prohelix 1-5 mll Adjustable Volume Pipet tor

# P60-606

Prohelix 100-1000 ul Adjustable Volume P ipettor

# P60-605

Prohelix 20-200 ul Adjustable Volume Pip ettor

# P60-604

Prohelix 10-100 ul Adjustable Volume Pip ettor

# P60-603

Prohelix 5-50 ul Adjustable Volume Pipet tor

# P60-602

Prohelix 2-20 ul Adjustable Volume Pipet tor

# P60-601

Prohelix 1-10 ul Adjustable Volume Pipet tor

# P60-600

Prohelix .1-2 ul Adjustable Volume Pipet tor

# P60-468

Biopette Pipettor 4 pack, w/tips and Carousel Stand

# P60-378

Adjustable volume pipettor, 100-1000ul

# P60-376

Adjustable volume pipettor, 20-200ul

# P60-374

Adjustable volume pipettor, 10-100ul

# P60-372

Adjustable volume Pipettor, 1-20ul