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Over the last two decades of manufacturing robust and innovative multichannel pipettes, CAPP has actively grown its pipetting portfolio. The introduction of 16, 48 and 64 channel pipettes in the CAPPAero384 product line revolutionized this market segment by radically increasing the speed of liquid transfer, without breaking the bank.

The latest additions to the CAPPAero384 product family include 24- and 32-channel pipettes. With the two 24-channel variants, scientists have finer control of liquid transfer, one row at a time. The 32-channel CAPPAero384 Multichannel Pipette, on the other hand, allows filling of two rows at a time for better efficiency. For increased repetition, the new CAPPAero384 multichannel pipettes are fine-tuned for exceptional accuracy across all channels.

Each pipette in the CAPPAero384 product family is crafted from the finest materials, with precision engineering for accurate and dependable liquid transfer results. Featuring robust metallic shafts and piston assemblies, CAPPAero384 Multichannel Pipettes can be safely autoclaved over multiple times without the need for disassembly or constant recalibration.

CAPPAero384 Multichannel Pipettes are designed for scientists who require superior quality, reliability, repeatability, affordability, speed, and accuracy all in one package.

With a broad spectrum of applications, including PCR, qPCR, microarray and MALDI spectrometry protocols among others, CAPPAero384 Multichannel Pipettes will find a home in any lab that uses 384 microwell plates!

  • Volume Ranges – 0.2-2 µL, 0.5-10 µL and 5-50 µL


  • High quality metal shaft and piston assembly designed for greater tolerance to everyday laboratory conditions
  • Ergonomic tip ejection lever with minimum thumb workload when offloading tips
  • Stringent factory calibration protocol for each channel results in repeatable and dependable volume accuracy across all channels
  • Comfortable in-hand feel narrows the possibility of repetitive strain injury