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Axygen® polypropylene thin wall PCR tubes are designed to fit standard 96 well blocks and are available in an assortment of colors. Ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness allows precise thermal transfer and even insertion cap ensures a tight fit to prevent evaporation.

  • RNase-/DNase-free
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • Nonsterile
  • Manufactured with 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene
  • Assorted Colors
  • Flat or Domed Caps
  • Sold as 1000/Pack

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These premium tubes make a tight seal and are available with flat or domed attached caps. Designed for optimal fit in all leading thermal cyclers. Autoclavable to 121°C.

1000 per pack.

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Use HotStart® Storage and Reaction Tubes when working with low copy samples, multiplex PCR or hard-to-copy DNA. HotStart® Reaction Tubes minimize PCR variability by allowing a single master mix to be stored for up to four weeks. A wax bead in each tube serves as a separation medium when melted and allows for RT-PCR to be completed in one tube. Three reaction sizes available. All HotStart® tubes are compatible with major brand thermal cyclers: Barnstead Thermolyne®, Eppendorf®, MJ Research®, Perkin Elmer® and Stratagene®.

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Each EasyStart tube is a thin-walled reaction tube which contains prealiquoted reagents (a buffer, MgCL2 and dNTPs) sealed underneath a wax layer. Simply add a DNA polymerase, template DNA, primers and water to volume and then begin thermal cycling. The wax barrier provides a hot start¯ which increases specificity and yield by reducing the occurrence of false priming and primer dimerization. The reagent formula is ideal for a wide range of DNA templates. The mixture has been optimized for a variety of reaction conditions and is compatible with most enzymes. Compatible with most major brand thermal cyclers.

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These premium tubes make a tight seal, and are available with a flat or domed cap and in sterile or nonsterile versions. Precision-molded thin wall accelerates heat transfer. Designed for optimal fit in all leading thermal cyclers. Available in 0.2mL or 0.5mL sizes. Autoclavable to 250°F (121°C).

  • Color - Clear
  • Nonsterile
  • Domed or Flat Caps
  • 0.2 or 0.5 mL
  • Sold as 10,000/Case

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Axygen® 1 x 8 strip domed PCR caps, in an assortment of colors, are designed to fit 8 strip PCR tubes and 96 well PCR microplates.

# T51-780


# T51-779


# T51-778

Amplitube PCR Reaction Tubes

Designed for oil-free operation, these tubes are made of transparent superior quality grade polypropylene for better viewing of the contents. Their ultrathin wall design will ensure rapid thermal transfer and a significant reduction in cycle and PCR reaction time.

Attached hinged caps are flat-topped and can be used with heated lids used by thermal cycler manufacturers. They provide positive sealing during thermal cycling and will prevent evaporation while being easily opened and closed with one hand. The cap has an integral shield preventing contamination with surface of lid. Frosted writing surface for sample identification.

Packaged in tamperproof resealable safety-lock bags.

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# T51-777


# T51-654

PCR Tubes, 0.2ml, w/Domed Cap, Natural, Non-Sterile, 1000/pk

# T51-605

PCR Tube Thin Wall .2ml Attached Cap Gre en 1000/pk

# T51-611

PCR Tube Thin Wall 0.2ml w/attached cap STERILE 100/bg 1000/pk

# T51-662

PCR Tubes, 0.2ml, w/Flat Cap, Natural, N oStick, 1000/pk

# T51-609

PCR Tube Thin Wall .2ml w/attached cap Assorted Colors 1000/pk

# T51-607

PCR Tube Thin Wall .2ml Attached Cap Ora nge 1000/pk