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Embedding Base Molds

SimportŪ disposable base molds offer ease and convenience of operation. They are inexpensive enough to be discarded after use, yet strong enough to be reused. Thanks to the specially formulated plastic material, they offer excellent thermal exchange. They have a smooth interior finish and rounded corners facilitating specimen removal. Also, they are available in the same variety of sizes as metal molds and can be used with the same styles or types of cassettes and embedding rings. Each case contains two dispenser boxes of 500 base molds.

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Embedding Rings

Embedding Rings are suitable for holding and identifying tissue sample blocks and fit well in microtome chuck adapters. The etched writing surface on the ring is marked with an identification number and placed on top of the sample block. Additional paraffin is poured into the base mold to cement the ring onto the tissue block. The Embedding Ring securely holds the tissue sample in the microtome chuck adapter for sectioning, and then identifies the sample while in storage

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Biopsy Foam Pads

SimportŪ biopsy foam pads are used to hold biopsies in place and prevent them from being lost during processing. They are made of a specially formulated foam which is always verified for consistency throughout in order to achieve optimum solvent flow. Biopsy samples are sandwiched between two foam pads and are placed either in tissue capsules or cassettes* with metal or plastic lids. M476-4 model is to be used with the MicromeshTM and SlimsetteTM Cassettes.

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