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The nonsterile Polypropylene Syringe Filter is recommended for ion chromatography, viscous HPLC sample preparation, and filtering or clarifying organic solvents. The17GP (17mm) and30GP (30mm) both feature a polypropylene membrane filter, which has broad chemical compatibility and extremely low extractable levels. They also both have a 1.0 micron glass prefilter. The polypropylene and the glass prefilter combine to provide high throughputs, low holdup volume, and quick flow rates with high particulate or viscous samples. The 17GP and 30GP each are contained inside a pure polypropylene housing, and thus are fully autoclavable. All units are labeled with pore size and filter type for quick identification, and all are tested to verify the integrity of the filter and the housing. 17GP has a holdup volume of<15L and a sample volume of<18mL. 30GP has a holdup volume of<60L and a sample volume of<180mL.

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The Cameo Polypropylene Syringe Filter is designed to filter aqueous and organic solvent-based samples in a wide range of analytical and research applications. It features a housing made of pure, autoclavable polypropylene and a polypropylene membrane. The P filter has extremely low extractable levels, broad chemical compatibility and low holdup volume. The filter and housing integrity of each unit is fully tested and verified. Pore size and filter type are clearly labeled on each unit for quick identification. Available with two filter diameters: 17mm and 30mm. Nonsterile with 130psi maximum operating pressure and 356F (180C) maximum operating temperature. Recommended for ion chromatography, HPLC sample preparation and critical low detection levels<230nm. Filter utilizes female LuerLok inlet, female Luer slip inlet or male Luer slip outlet connections.

Filter Area / Holdup Volume / Sample Volume
17P: 1.4cm /<15L /<12mL
30P: 4.8cm /<60L /<120mL

# F25-198

Syringe Filters, GD/X, 13mm, 0.45um, PP, 150/pk

# F25-197

Syringe Filters, GD/X, 13mm, 0.20um, PP, 150/pk

# F20-308


# F20-307


# F20-306


# F20-243


# F20-241


# F20-309

PP, 0.45um, 200/Pk

# F20-244

PP, 0.45um, 500/Pk

# F20-242

PP, 0.45um, 100/Pk