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Inexpensive wide-jaw stainless steel forceps with broad tips prevent damage to delicate membranes. Serrated grip ensures precise manipulation of membranes and filters. Autoclavable; 4-1/2 long (114mm).

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These Stainless Steel Forceps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose from the Eye Dressing, Splinter or College styles. The corrosion-resistant steel is long-lasting and all styles offer a serrated grip.

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DisposablePlastic Forceps are ideal for single use applications.

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GUARANTEED IN STOCKThumb dressing forceps are made from stainless steel and have a serrated grip for precision dissecting. Choose different lengths to fit your needs.

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Essential set of four teasing and dissecting probes. Includes medium point, fine point, curved and angled.

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For very fine work, 4 long (102mm) integrated fine-point forceps with attached magnifying glass (5x - magnification).

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Durable stainless steel Locking Forceps have ratchet teeth to provide assured locking. They also feature a serrated tip for superior grip.

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Popular forceps and pliers packaged together in convenient sets.

M66 Set includes:
8, 10 and 12 Forceps.
(D60-181, D60-183, D60-185)

M63 Set includes:
5-1/2 and 8 Forceps, 6 Standard Pliers and 6 Locking Pliers.
(D60-177, D60-126, D60-128, D60-181)

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Thumb dressing forceps are made from stainless steel and have a serrated grip for precision dissecting.

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  • Sizes – 4.0” or 4.5” 
  • Tip –
    • Fine Point Progressive
    • Fine Point General Use
    • Fine Point Long Neck
    • Pointed Tweezers
    • Fine Point Angled
    • Fine Point Curved
    • Fine Point Double Curved
    • Fine Point Angled for Visibility
    • Fine Point Self Locking 
    • Fine Point Self Locking Bent
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Sold Individually 

# TM203

Forceps, Jewelers, locking, 6.5"

# D60-197

Forceps, tissue, 1x2 Teeth, 12", Stainle

# D60-193

Forceps, tissue, 1x2 Teeth, 5.5"

# D60-190

Forceps, tissue, 1x2 Teeth, 4.5"

# D60-195

Forceps, tissue, 1x2 Teeth, 8", Stainless Steel

# D60-175

Forceps, Thumb Dressing, 5", Stainless S teel

# D60-200

Plastic Thumb Forceps Bulk - 4.25"