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Sturdy, lightweight polypropylene carrier allows personnel to conveniently and safely transport up to six wash bottles. Holds either 250mL or 500mL wash bottles and is autoclavable at 250F (121C).

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Natural polypropylene wash bottles with color-coded leakproof closures feature wide mouths to facilitate filling. Dispensing spout can be trimmed back to increase flow of stream. Packs of five.

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LDPE DripLok wash bottles feature the only venting system that dispenses solvent as efficiently as a standard wash bottle. The venting system incorporates a valve designed to allow vapors to escape, but seals completely when in use to provide a powerful spatterfree jet of solvent. Bottles are available with preprinted hazard information or with blank write-on areas to customize to your needs. Assortment pack includes one of each bottle. Supplied in packs of five.

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Available in three sizes, this bottle features a trigger-action hand pump. The sprayer nozzle is fully adjustable from a fine mist to a steady stream, and the feed tube incorporates a strainer to keep solid particles from clogging the head. Made from translucent high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Cap size for all sizes is 28-400. B39-280 is Bottle only, please order B39-280-Spray for trigger pump

# B63-161

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 500mL, Yellow, 5/pk

# B63-160

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 250mL, Yellow, 5/pk

# B63-159

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 150mL, Yellow, 5/pk

# B63-157

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 500mL, Red, 5/pk

# B63-156

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 250mL, Red, 5/pk

# B63-155

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 150mL, Red, 5/pk

# B63-151

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 150mL, White, 5/pk

# 506775-0500

Wash bottle, LDPE, blue 500ml 5/case


GHS Wash bottle 500ml Distilled Water 5/ pk, white cap


GHS Wash bottle 500ml Ethanol 5/pk safet y vented, orange cap


GHS Wash bottle 500ml Isopropanol 5/pk safety vented, yellow cap


GHS Wash bottle 500ml Methanol 5/pk safe ty vented,green cap


GHS Wash bottle 500ml Acetone 5/pk safet y vented, red cap


GHS Wash bottle 500ml assortment 5/pk

# F124320019

Wash Bottle Vented Ethanol Label 1000ml 2/pk

# B63-153

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 500mL, White, 5/pk

# B63-152

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 250mL, White, 5/cs

# B63-150

Narrow Bottle, LDPE, 60mL, White, 5/pk

# B40-193

Write On, Wide Mouth, 1000mL, 6/Pk

# B40-192

Write On, Wide Mouth, 500mL, 12/Pk