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These plastic bottles offer excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Available in Wide Mouth or Narrow Mouth. Ideal for the storage and handling of liquids or solids. Leak-resistant double seal closure meets UN/DOT requirements. Natural color, but Amber bottles are available.

The Narrow MouthLow-Density Polyethylene Bottles (LDPE) are flexible and leak resistant. Ideal for storage and sampling of liquids. No-drip pouring.

The Narrow MouthHigh-Density Polyethylene Bottles (HDPE) can be used with most corrosives. They are leak resistant, translucent, and FDA approved. No-drip pouring.

The Narrow MouthPolypropylene Bottles (PP) are translucent, leak resistant and autoclavable. They offer excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for solids or liquids. No-drip pouring.

The Wide MouthLow-Density Polyethylene Bottles (LDPE) are translucent and flexible. They are great for storage and handling of food products, and they are FDA approved. Five sizes to choose from.

The Wide MouthHigh-Density Polyethylene Bottles (HDPE) have excellent chemical resistance. They are ideal for storage and handling of liquids and solids. FDA approved for non-contaminating storage of chemicals and food-grade products.

Multiple Options

Two large white, printed labeling areas provide for easy content identification. Bottles are molded of rugged polyethylene (HDPE) and are available in either narrow-mouth or wide-mouth styles, both with leak-proof polypropylene cap. Ideal for transporting or storing liquids or dry material.

# B40-253

Bottle, Polypropylene, Narrow Mouth, 28- 410 Cap, 250ml 72/cs

# 150-04W/WM

Bottles White WM High-Density Polyethyle ne 4L 128OZ Level I 4/CS

# 249450

Wide Mouth Bottles, Polypropylene w/ Leak-Proof Cap, 1000mL, 24/CS

# 73808-33430

MICROLINK® Polypropylene Cap with PTFE/Silicone Liner

33mm-430 polypropylene cap is ideal for repeated autoclaving with its welded PTFE-faced silicone liner. Cap is compatible with plain and graduated borosilicate glass media/laboratory bottles.

# 506-0160

Squeeze bottle w/Flip nozzle, 16oz, 24/cs

# 350-02W/WM

Bottles White WM High-Density Polyethyle ne 2L 64OZ Level III 6/CS

# 301715-0032

Bottles HDPE NM 32 Oz Bulk 55/cs

# 301665-0016

Bottles LDPE WM 16 Oz 48/case

# 301645-0032

Bottles 1000ml HDPE WM Amber 24/cs

# 301625-0032

Bottles, PP, Wide Mouth, 32 oz (1000 mL) 24/cs

# 301615-0032

Bottle, WM HDPE, 1000ml, 55/cs

# 301605-0064

Bottles HDPE Wide Mouth 64 Oz 6/cs

# 301605-0016

Bottles HDPE Wide Mouth 16 oz 48/cs

# 301605-0008

Bottles HDPE Wide Mouth 8 oz 72/cs

# 301605-0004

Bottles HDPE Wide Mouth 125 ml 72/cs

# 2262950500

Rectangular Bottle HDPE 500ml 36/cs

# 209676

Bottle, HDPE, Wide Mouth, 1L, 24/case

# 157-250W

Bottles White High-Density Polyethylene

# 156-125W/WM

Bottles White WM High-Density Polyethyle

# 151-500W/WM

Bottles White WM High-Density Polyethyle ne 500ML 16OZ Level I 24/CS

# 150-01W/WM

Bottles White WM High-Density Polyethyle ne 1L 32OZ Level I 12/CS

# 150-01W

Bottles White High-Density Polyethylene 1L (32OZ) Level I 12/CS