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Thermoplate countertop heat protectors protect expensive countertops from high temperatures associated with crucibles, glassware, or other labware. Each Thermoplate has corner feet to prevent direct heat contact with countertops. Manufactured from highly engineered glass ceramic. Four convenient sizes.

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The Spill Containment Tray protects laboratory benches in the biology or chemistry lab. It accepts absorbent sheets 20 x 24¯ (50.8 x 61cm). The polystyrene tray is 0.5¯ (12.7mm) deep with an external flange. The overall dimensions are 23 x 27¯ (58 x 69cm).

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Disposable Labmat® Bench and Drawer Liner simplifies cleanup chores and safeguards work surfaces from stains, spills and wear. The flexible polyethylene film backing is nonskid and prevents soak-through of most solutions. The highly absorbent upper surface traps water, dyes, corrosive chemicals and radioactive solutions. The entire sheet can be rolled up and discarded after contamination.

20" x 50' Roll.

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Low-linting, two-sided wipe is specifically designed to protect against blood and body fluid borne diseases. Absorbent side soaks up blood, body fluids, and chemicals. Bright orange barrier side, made of coextruded polyethylene, blocks soak-through to gloves and hands, limiting spread of contamination. Impermeable to strong solvents including xylene and xylene substitutes, acetone, ketones, alcohols, and formalin. Use to pop caps, wipe pipettes and probes, line benches, counters and trays. Absorbent pad is made of polypropylene/cellulose blend.

TheStandard Absorbent pad absorbs 9 times its weight. TheHeavy (ET) Absorbent pad absorbs 12 times its weight, and theSuper Absorbent pad absorbs 25 times its weight.

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High-quality absorbent paper coated on one side with an impermeable layer of polyethylene. Paper side absorbs solvents, toxic liquids, pathogens and radio-chemicals. Polyethylene side prevents liquids from reaching bench-tops. Helps reduce exposure to blood-borne pathogens for meeting OSHA regulations. Benchkote® Plus has an even thicker absorbent layer and can absorb more than 750mL/m2.

# B19-141

Biohazard Benchtop Liner 16" x 100', standard weight, 2 rolls/cs

# 1347

Underpads with polymer offer extra absorbency and protection

Highly absorbent, soft fluff fill

Waterproof, non-skid blue backing

Sealed on all four sides to prevent leakage

Disposable Underpads are not biodegradable