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Make your sample bags tamper-evident with 2mil and 4mil polyethylene bags. Conveniently, these open-ended bags work with theImpulse Heat Sealers. Multiple sizes available. 1000 per case.

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Ideal for collecting, storing, and protecting laboratory specimens and samples, these bags offer a Top Seal feature that seals bags easily and conveniently. Multiple sizes are available in either 2mil or 4mil thickness, with or without a white write-on block.

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Impulse Heat Sealers seal poly bags, tubing and thermoplastic materials up to 8mm thick. When the timer is set, the result is a perfect flat, water and air tight seal.

Bench-top unit creates a strong, tamper-proof seal. Units are available with and without cutting blade. Cutting blade models cut off excess materials within 1/4¯ of the seal. Ideal for sealing tubular material. Non-equipped unit is for sealing only.

TheFloor Unit Heat Sealer with foot pedal is for heavy-duty high-volume production sealing. It features a hands-free design that increases productivity. Standing 36¯ (91.5cm) tall, the unit creates a tamper-evident seal on polyethylene and polypropylene bags up to 10mm thick. All sealers feature an on/off light for added safety and efficiency. SeeOpen-Ended Poly Bags for the perfect seal. UL and CE approved.

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Use this transparent polyethylene bag for sampling and product analysis. Tape at the top of the bag extends over wire ends, eliminating sharp points that may cause bag puncture or damage to gloves and skin. Pull tabs help prevent contamination from finger contact when opening. Bags are available with and without a write-on area that accepts ballpoint pen or pencil. Thickness: 2.25 to 4mil.

500 per pack.

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Store liquid or solid samples using clear polyethylene gas-sterilized bags with no side seams. Get a leak-proof seal by folding the tab over three times. Puncture-proof double-wire pull tabs provide easy opening, pouring and closing. Available withWriting Square for labeling samples.

500 per pack.

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The sterile Thio-Bag® is made to collect and dechlorinate water and wastewater samples, for bacteriological examination. Each 4-oz (118mL) bag contains one nontoxic, nonnutrative pill impregnated with 10mg sodium thiosulfate and has both 4-oz and 100mL fill lines. The 18-oz (532mL) bag contains three 10mg sodium thiosulfate pills and has a 300mL fill line. Ideal for sampling potable water, swimming pool water, effluents, and industrial wastes.

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This sterile absorbent sponge sampler in a Whirl-Pak bag is designed for testing work surfaces and equipment for Salmonella, Listeria and other food borne pathogens. To use, simply add diluent, wipe the test surface and return sponge to its 18-oz bag. The self-contained sample can then be shipped for analysis. A large write-on area allows for easy labeling and identification.

100 per pack.

# B74-132

Sample Bags, 2mil Reclosable clear w/o Write-on Block, 5 x 7", 1000/cs

# B75-230

Whirl-Pak Sample Bag 92 oz w/write-on 250/pk. 10"x15"

# B75-225

WhirlPak Samp Bag 55oz/1627ml 500/pk w/write-on

# B75-222

WhirlPak Samp Bag 24 oz (710ml) 500/pk w/white write-on strip

# B74-206

Sample bag, 4mil thickness w/o write-on block, 12x12, 500/cs

# B74-138

Sample Bag, 13x18 4ml Clear 500/case

# B74-136

Sample Bag 2mil w/write on 12x12 1000/cs

# B74-134

Sample Bags 2mil w/ write on 6x8 1000/cs

# B74-112-A

Sample Bags, 4mil Thickness w/o Write-on block, 3x5" (8x13cm)

# B74-112

Sample Bags, 4mil Thickness w/o Write-on Block, 4 x 6" (10 x 15cm)

# B74-127

Whirl-pak 184oz write on space, 100/PK

# B75-220