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High strength, polypropylene bags have welded seams”resists punctures and tears. External steam indicator ensures correct process. Suitable for temperatures up to 310°C. Bilingual printing meets all regulations.

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Maximum temperature, 285°F (140°C); for use at 274°F (134°C). Polypropylene is 2mil thick. All styles supplied with tough elastic closures that withstand autoclaving temperatures and expand to allow venting of steam.

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Durable polypropylene orange biohazard bags withstand the maximum autoclave temperature of 270°F (132°C). Imprinted with the universal biohazard symbol with a variable closure that allows for self venting of steam.

# 01828C

Biohazard Bags, autoclavable, 19 x 23 200/CS

# 9308

Autoclave Bags, 31x38" Buff 100/cs

# 3860056

Economical for safe disposal of infectious waste. Printed with biohazard symbol that identifies hazardous contents. Strong, star-designed bottom seal holds heavy loads and eliminate leaks.

  • Dimensions - 24" x 24"
  • Color - Red
  • Material - Polyethylene
  • Thickness - .75 Mil
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as 1,000/Case

# 1647013-A

Autoclave Bags, 31x38" Clear 100/cs

# 1647011

Autoclave Bags, 36X45" Clear, 1.8Mil 100 CS

# 1647004


# TID8656

Biohazard Bag, 33"x40", 33 gal, 17 mic rons, 250/cs

# F131930500

Poxygrid Benchtop Biohazard Bag Holder

# B29-402


# B29-400


# B29-110

Biohazard Bags Red, 1.5ml, 38x48, 100/BX

# B29-109

Biohazard Bags Red, 1.5ml, 31x38, 200/BX

# B29-108

Biohazard Bags Red, 1.5ml, 25x35, 200/BX

# B29-107

Biohazard Bags Red, 1.5ml, 19x23, 200/BX

# B29-106

Biohazard Bags Red, 1.5ml, 14x19, 200/BX

# B25-313

Clavies, Autoclave Bags, PP, 24"x36", 2 mil thick, clear, 100/pk

# B25-312

Clavies, Autoclave Bags, PP, 12"x24", 2 mil thick, clear, 100/pk

# B25-311

Clavies Autoclave Bags, PP, 10"x12", 2 mil thick, clear, 100/pk

# B25-310

Clavies Autoclave Bags, PP, 10"X10", 2 mil thick, clear, 100/pk

# B25-300

40x48 Clear Autoclave Bag 100/cs